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A Robot Can 3D-Print This Autonomous Mobile House in Just 8 Hours

Building a house is a very time consuming, tedious, and expensive job. To make this job easier, a Ukranian startup called PassivDom has developed a 3D-printing robot that can build a smart house in just eight hours. Whether you want to live in the mountains, the forest, or by the sea, this sweet little house […]

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Can Solar Energy Replace Fossil Fuels in Powering Cars?
India Aiming for All-Electric Car Fleet by 2030
This Bio-Engineered ‘Pancreas’ Offers Patients an Insulin-Free Life
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Bulldog Extreme 4×4 is the World’s Most Rugged Firetruck for Extreme Situations

Howe and Howe has built an extremely capable firetruck for extreme situations. The Bulldog 4X4 can carry firefighters and supplies to even the most remote areas. This highly capable wildfire firetruck is built by experts for absolute reliability in the most extreme environments. Although many 4X4 wildland firetrucks are capable of delivering only 400-500 gallons, […]

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Self-Healing Roads Could Also Charge Your Electric Car in the Future!
New Photonic Integrated Circuits & the Next Information Revolution
Robot Makes Medical History by Performing Intricate Eye Surgery for the First Time
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