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Robots Learning From Each Other & Computer Games

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, a learning robot named Pepper from Softbank, was introduced. Pepper is special in that (s)he reads human emotions. The concept of emotional intelligence was popularized in 1995 by Daniel Goleman who argues that the ability to read emotions is as important to success in life as the […]

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Gene-Editing Therapy Saved the Lives of Two Baby Girls Suffering From Cancer
Modular Digital Control (Modicon) Continues to Put Intelligence in Machines
Medical Device Engineering at Heart of Healthcare Industry Transition
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Discover What Happens When Ferrofluid Meets a Strong Magnet

Ferrofluid is an amazing liquid that follows the field of a magnet and becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. NASA designed a magnetic fluid in 1963 for powering rockets because this fuel could be easily drawn to a pump by a magnet in weightless environments. When ferrofluid meets a strong magnet, it […]

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Laser Technology Improving Micromachining Accuracy & More
SuitX Selected as Winner and Chairman’s Choice in Annual BIG Innovation Awards
Biocomputers & the Merging of Biology, Data Processing
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