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Zach Both Transformed a Van Into ‘The Vanual,’ a Digital Nomad’s Dream Home

Most of us long to escape from our busy world and enjoy a weekend of pampering and relaxation. To get a taste of the great outdoors, 23-year-old filmmaker Zach Both quit his desk job to travel the open road in a converted van. Zach made his converted van from a used 2003 Chevy Express which […]

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The ‘Gita’ Cargo Bot Will Follow You Around While Toting All of Your Belongings
Reinvent or Die: The Rapidly Changing Future of Telecommunications
New Cars Packed With Smart Features Foreshadow Dazzling Future
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French Polynesia Plans to Develop the World’s First Floating City

Rising seas threaten low-lying coastal areas across the world, meaning some low-lying areas will have more frequent flooding. Research shows that rising sea levels pose a threat to the 118 islands which form French Polynesia. To meet the consequences, French Polynesia’s government has decided to explore the possibility of moving its citizens to a floating city in […]

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Solarwindow’s Electricity Generating Bendable Glass Veneer is as Thin as a Business Card
See Through Engine in Slow Motion Shows How a Four Stroke Works
End of Fillings in Sight as Scientists Have Found a Drug That Regenerates Teeth
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