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Bowl-Shaped Roofs Collect Rainwater and Provide Natural Cooling in Arid Environments

Iran-based BMDesign Studios has unveiled an ingenious, bowl-shaped roof which could help Iran solve its burgeoning water crisis. BMDesign Studios has come up with the design to meet the current water shortage. Known as a Concave Roof, this double-roof system is designed in a way that not only collects and stores rainwater, but also promotes natural cooling. […]

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New Exoskeleton From Harvard Features Robotic Ankles Attached to a Soft Robotic Exosuit
NASA Created a Video Imagining What It Would Be Like to Approach and Land on Pluto
Researchers at the University of Michigan are Developing Nanodiscs That Can Wipe Out Tumors
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Electricity Through Solar Power is Now the Cheapest in Almost 60 Countries

The time has come when renewable energies are going to beat coal, nuclear, and natural gas. Leading analysts say that solar power is becoming the cheapest way to generate electricity. As per data produced by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), based on average prices across 58 emerging markets, including China, India, and Brazil, the cost of […]

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Advanced Inertial Navigation Systems Market Taking Off
Engineers Create Free, Innovative Gamification Language Learning Tool
NASA Unveils Its Plans to Build Ice Homes on Mars
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