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SABRE Ground Demonstration for Mach 25 Reusable Hypersonic Air Engine

19,000 MPH Hypersonic Fighter, Spy & Space Planes  The Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine or SABRE, developed by Reaction Engines of the UK and BAE Systems, has been covered by IndustryTap in Imagine Traveling to Any Destination on the Planet in a Few Hours and $1.1 Billion Hypersonic Aircraft’s Engines Get Boost From New Air Cooling Technology. Now, Reaction Engines is […]

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The ‘Tinnie 10’ Boat from Joey Ruiter Features a Unique Isosceles Triangle Design
The Spontaneous Pop Up Display (SPUD) is a Gamechanger for Portable Monitors
Stanford Develops a Portable ‘Potalyzer’ to Detect Stoned Drivers
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Here’s How Much Money and Steel It Takes to Build a Massive Aircraft Carrier

Have you ever thought about building your own aircraft carrier? Chances are the answer is no because it’s so far out of the realm of possibility. But let’s have some fun and say we were looking into constructing a gigantic aircraft carrier. Where would we even start? Science Channel explores the idea in depth which […]

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Neat Video Explores the Physics of Grinding With 5 Pro Skateboarders
15-Point Federal Checklist Regulating Self-Driving Cars
Smart Cities Need More Automated Fare Collection Technology
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