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10 Images That Depict How California’s Reservoirs Have Dwindled in the 21st Century

The ever increasing demand for freshwater has taken its toll, and the state’s reservoirs are only at 46.4% of their capacity. Now, by using imagery provided by the Landsat 7 and Landsat 8 satellites, we can also see how the reservoirs have changed during the 21st century. Below are 10 reservoirs that have dwindled considerably […]

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Conveyor Ovens for Drying Eyeglass Lenses and Sterilizing Surgical Devices
Sneakerheads Will Love This Colorful Jordan 45 3D Puzzle From Yoni Alter
World’s Biggest Solar Power Plant Would Generate Electricity to Power 1 Million Homes
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Flodesign’s Jet Engine-Inspired Wind Turbine Could Revolutionize Wind Power Technology

We read about different innovations in clean technology almost on a daily basis. A small Massachusetts-based start-up, FloDesign Wind Turbine, has created a wind turbine design based on jet engine technology. This revolutionary wind turbine can generate much more electricity at half the cost than today’s traditional wind turbines. It has also won two clean-energy […]

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Mark Your Calendars! Google’s Daydream VR Headset to be Released November 10th
The Rise of Solar Power: How Australia Compares to the United States
Here’s What Happens in a Matter of Seconds During a Formula 1 Pit Stop
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