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Timelapse of Christo’s Floating Walkway Being Constructed Through Satellite Images

If you’re unfamiliar with Christo’s Floating Walkway, then prepare to be amazed. The 1.8-mile floating walkway is the work of Bulgarian-American artist Christo, and satellite images provide an incredible timelapse of the tedious process. At 53 feet wide, visitors will be allowed to stroll across “Floating Pier” from the village of Sulzano on the mainland […]
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In the Future, Teenagers May Lose Their Virginity to Sexbots
NASA Set Fire to a Cargo Ship in Space
Robot Surgeons Becoming More & More Common
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The World’s First Autonomous Taxi Drone is Ready for Test Flight in Nevada

The Chinese Aerial technology company EHang has partnered with the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS) and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) to fly its electric passenger drone EHang 184 in Nevada’s FAA-approved test site later this year. EHang is touted as world’s first drone capable of autonomously carrying a passenger. The EHang 184 […]
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NASA Just Tacked on 5 More Years to the Hubble Space Telescope’s Contract
Images Taken From Space Show LEDs Worsen Light Pollution
Aston Martin and Simonetta Partner on New Luxury Childrenswear Collection
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