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Designer Jongha Choi’s From 2D to 3D Furniture Collection Will Blow Your Mind

I saw a GIF of designer Jongha Choi demonstrating his From 2D to 3D furniture collection a few days ago and thought it was an optical illusion. Since then, I figured out Choi wasn’t simply messing with my eyes. His From 2D to 3D furniture collection acts pretty much as you’d expect, expanding to 3D […]

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Tallahassee-Based Candy Shop Makes Sweets With Old Fashioned Machines
Hacking Cancer, Aging by Reprogramming Human Biology
The Luno EGB2 is a Record Player With Its Own Built-In Whiskey Bar
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Scientists Develop Acoustic Levitation Device That Levitates Objects Using Sound Waves

We hear sounds all around us all the time, but we can’t actually touch them. The only exception is when we can think of it as a physical presence, as the vibrations that sounds create in other objects. The idea that something so intangible as sound can lift or move material without having to touch […]

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Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Thinks the Inside of a Pod Will Look Like This
Are You Future Smart? Today’s Game Changing Trends
Driving a Ford Model T is Vastly Different From Cruising Around in Your Car
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