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SLICE: This Temporary Refugee Hospitality Center is Carved Into a Coastal Cliff

Immigration is not a new issue. Economic inequality, international terrorism, geopolitical expansionism, wars between nations, disparity, illiteracy, and unemployment, are some of the main reasons which assist in the growing wave of immigration. Because of the war in Syria and the creation of the caliphate of Jihad, Europe is experiencing one of the most significant […]

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Engineers Turn Lamborghini Gallardo Into Batmobile Thanks to a Lot of Carbon Fiber
Franky Zapata Sets New Farthest Hoverboard Flight Record With the Flyboard Air
Bizarre ‘Humanoid Godzilla,’ is Filmed Off the Coast of the Galapagos Islands Looking for Food
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The Wikkelhouse is Comprised of 24 Layers of Cardboard and is Also Waterproof

The Wikkelhouse is an extremely unique building, made from 24 layers of corrugated cardboard. While you might think a house made of cardboard can’t survive bad weather, the Wikkelhouse can thanks to a waterproof membrane on the building’s outer surface and a slim layer of wood on the interior. Some of the cardboard modules that […]

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China to Deploy Floating Nuclear Power Stations in Disputed South China Sea
Eelumes are Swimming Robots for Subsea Maintenance
DRI Tests Their Cloud Seeding Drone Designed to Control the Weather
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