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Stanford’s OceanOne Humanoid Robot Dives Down to Explore Abandoned Shipwreck

When Stanford engineers aren’t using specially designed wind tunnels to study bird flight or proving Spider-Man is plausible by developing gecko gloves, they are building humanoid robots capable of exploring the depths of the oceans. Stanford’s new OceanOne humanoid robot, powered by artificial intelligence and haptic feedback systems, was specifically created for sea exploration, but […]

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So This Guy Has to be the Greatest RC Helicopter Stunt Operator Ever… Right?
SpaceX Plans to Send a Dragon Spacecraft to Mars as Early as 2018
Redesigned Crutches are More Comfortable and Provide Greater Freedom of Movement
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Edmiston is Transforming a Massive Supply Ship Into a 269-Foot-Long Yacht

The featured image above is a far cry from the VARD 1-08 Kilkea sitting in the shipyard in the image below. That’s because the Kilkea has yet to undergo its multi-million dollar transformation from a supply ship to a $62 million dollar yacht. Over time, that same ugly supply ship will be turned into a […]

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DreamWorks Animation Being Acquired By Comcast For a Cool $3.8 Billion
Meet Jia Jia, the New Interactive “Robot Goddess”
DARPA’s GXV-T Vehicles Will Be Lightweight, Armored Fighting Machines
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