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Red Bull Air Force Shows All the Ways Humans Take Flight in One Epic Video

Red Bull’s new “Chain Reaction” video looks more like something out of an action flick than a marketing piece, but I guess we’ve come to expect the outrageous from the energy drink company at this point. Essentially, the goal behind the stunt was to show a car, airplane, helicopter, wingsuit flyers, and some skydivers, all […]

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This Robot Can Solve a Rubik’s Cube in 1 Second Which is 400% Faster Than a Human
Flow Meters Help Ensure Safe Dispersal of Chemicals When It Comes to Crop Conservation
Researchers Test Whether or Not Testosterone Improves Your Sense of Direction
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Space Debris Could Trap Humans on Earth, Prevent Space Exploration

Cleaning Up the Ultimate Frontier This time of year most people are thinking about how they can tidy up around the house and de-clutter their New Year. Cleaning up is a great emotional challenge that often ends in procrastination. But for NASA and other space agencies around the world, decluttering is a 24x7x365 day obsession. […]

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MesoGlue Might Replace Soldering and Welding
Canada Just Broke a World Record for a Fracking-Triggered Earthquake
Africa Rising: The Emerging African Middle Class
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