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Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia Will Be The World’s Tallest Building at 1km High

The Saudi Arabian government has announced that $2.2 billion in funding has been secured for the construction of Jeddah City, which will include the Jeddah Tower, set to becomes the world’s tallest building upon its completion. Currently, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai holds the record for the world’s tallest tower at 2,716 feet tall, which […]

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MEIS Architecture Believes Building Massive Stadiums is a Thing of the Past
Guess What? Scientists Have Grown Functioning Vocal Cord Tissue in the Lab for the First Time
New Amazon Prime Air Ad Shows ‘Part Helicopter Part Plane’ Prototype
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How Virtual Reality is Teaching Tomorrow’s Engineers About Their Craft

It wasn’t long ago when virtual reality was the core subject of science fiction and Mission Impossible movies. The previous years have, however, witnessed the evolution of technology in terms of virtual reality where it is becoming ingrained in the fields of medicine and military and tactical training. But virtual reality can now be used to […]

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Scientists Create an Incredible Cyborg Rose with Electrical Veins and Circuits
Zip Tie Snow Tires: The Cheapest Way to Bike in the Snow
Self-Healing Sensors Mimic the Self-Healing Properties of Human Skin
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