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Flying Car & Sky Commuting: Cutting Commute Times Dramatically

Imagine cutting your daily commuting time from 1 hour to 15 minutes with an autonomous or semi-autonomous flying car! New technologies such as extremely accurate GPS are making science fiction ideas a practical possibility in the very near future, but GPS now needs to be capable of location in 3D. IndustryTap reported on “Legal Flying Cars […]

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Street-Legal Little Tikes Car Can Hit a Max Speed of 70 Miles Per Hour

A giant Little Tikes car custom built by Attitude Autos is currently on eBay and don’t worry, it’s street-legal. Built back in 2013, it is a big version of the iconic childhood toy, featuring a real engine and massive windows with no glass just like the smaller version. The unique Little Tikes car went viral […]

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Soldier’s Cyber Rifle Easily Disables a Drone Using No Bullets at All
Revealed: The World’s First Braille Tablet
A Huge Global Marketplace Awaits New Suppliers of Nanomaterials
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