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New Long Distance, Fiber Based, Quantum Teleportation Record Set

A New Infrastructure for Quantum Teleportation Earlier this year, scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) instantaneously sent a message over optical fiber using four high detection efficiency superconducting nanowire single proton detectors (SNSPDs). Two particles of light at each end of the optical fiber were spaced 62 miles (100 kilometers) apart, […]

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How Scotland’s Falkirk Wheel Lifts 60-Foot, Hundred-Ton Boats on a Regular Basis
Watch Operation Teapot’s 1955 Atomic Bomb Testing In Spectacular HD
New DNA Nanotechnology Assembles Into Precise Interlocking Shapes
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MIT’s Modular Soft Robotic Gripper Can Handle Eggs, Tennis Balls, and Beanie Babies

Researchers at MIT have developed a modular soft robotic gripper capable of identifying and handling everyday objects, from CDs and hairbrushes to fragile objects like eggs. Designed, built, and tested by engineers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), the new modular soft robotic gripper uses two techniques, the pinch and the full […]

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Study Shows Samsung TVs Use More Power in Real-Life Than in Efficiency Tests
First New York Virtual Currency “Bit License” Issued to Circle
Watching a Guy Go Through His 9G Centrifuge Test is Hilariously Awesome
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