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Replacing the Aging T38: Boeing T-X Aircraft & Simulation System Update

This week at the Air Force Association conference near Washington, DC, Boeing will introduce an early demonstration of its new T-X demonstrator or trainer, jointly designed with Saab. A trainer is a type of simplified aircraft that helps train pilots and air crews on sophisticated, advanced technology. According to Boeing the first test of T-X […]

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London’s New Public Transport to Encompass a 15 MPH Moving Sidewalk?
Michelin Challenge Design 2016 Announces 14 Winners
In a Remarkable Breakthrough, Scientists Reprogrammed Cancer Cells Back to Normal
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SHIELD: Securing Integrated Chips to Prevent/Detect Tampering

US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s SHIELD project began earlier this year with multimillion-dollar awards to Northrop Grumman Systems ($12.3 million), SRI International ($6.8 million), and Charles Stark Draper Laboratory ($4.1 million). There are five types of hardware attacks DARPA is trying to manage: 1) Hardware Trojans, 2) IP piracy & IC overbuilding, 3) reverse […]

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Timelapse of Massive Aircraft Carrier Being Towed to Rosyth Dockyard
Quantum Dots to Power Buildings in the Future
Watch Exuberant POV Skydive Into Packed NASCAR Racetrack
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