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What’s Lurking around the Corner? New Camera Can See around Corners in 3D.

Hollywood movie producers be forewarned; you may soon lose “the element of surprise.” With advancing camera technology the suspense of monsters or murderers lurking around corners will soon be passé as everyone will have cameras on their smartphones to “see around corners.” Time of Flight Photography Researchers from the Creative Cameras Experimental Quantum Optics and […]

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Old Smartphones Get New Life as Rainforest Guardians
Harvest 40 Different Fruits from This One Tree
Largest Solar Panel Covered Bridge in the World Helps Power New London Subway Station, Reduce Emissions
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There Will Be Nothing Small about Dubai’s “Mall of the World”

Could this be a case of too many dollars and too little sense? In yet another attempt to do everything even bigger than they do in Texas, Dubai has announced plans to build the planet’s largest shopping experience, the “Mall of the World.” They are hoping to receive 180 million visitors per year and have […]

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Weather Sensors Turn Airplanes into Meteorologists
The World’s Largest Wind and Solar Hybrid Array — Gimmick or Breakthrough?
Have Your Cake and Eat It Too with 60-Second Microwavable “Spray Cake” Batter
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