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LEGOs Inspire a 5,600 Square Foot Glass Superyacht

It’s every kid’s dream — to build something spectacular with LEGOs. Even grown ups want to get in on the building fun. Designer Lujac Desautel, a student at the California College of the Arts, School of Architecture took inspiration from versatility of Lego bricks while stacking each floor of glass upon the other like a […]

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British Airways Blanket Uncovers Your Happiness Level
Viral Video: Pontoon Plane Almost Lands on Humpback Whale in Alaska
Australian Solar Plant Sets World Record for Generating “Supercritical” Steam
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Super Maglev Trains Could Reach 1800 MPH, 3X the Speed of a Passenger Jet!

Magnetic levitation, or Maglev trains, are becoming a popular transportation research topic all around the world, from China’s new Maglev train construction to a high-speed ride from Boston to Washington. A Maglev train propels with magnets rather than wheels and bearings and promises a dramatic improvement in travel time. A brief history of the Maglev train […]

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Hyundai’s New Car Automatically Puts the Brakes on Speeding Fines
Powerful Laser Recreates a Supernova Explosion in a Bottle
Mobile Operating Theaters Put Life-Saving Medical Services on Wheels
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