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This Guy Traveled The World For 3 Years For An Incredible 360-Degree Selfie

Alex Chacon spent 3 years traveling the world, over 125,000 miles, in order to come back with the most epic selfie ever… The video below shows incredible footage of Chacon’s travels and features him continuously filming himself with a GoPro to create the best 360-degree selfie of all time! For more on Alex’s travels, check […]

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First Picture Of The New Batmobile From The Batman/Superman Movie…
Record-Breaking Banshee Roller Coaster Screams Up 4,124 Feet of Track with a Zero-G Roll
Cough Up $13,000 to Brew Up a Cup of Tea in 60 Seconds
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The Evolution of Digital Signage… From Painted Barns to Outdoor LCD Displays

Signage has evolved over the past 100 years, from a painted advertisement on the side a barn to the over sensory high definition bombardment of New York’s Times Square. Indoor Digital Signage debuted in the 1970s, in electronics stores selling televisions and VCRs. Much of this signage was used to grab people’s attention for a particular product […]

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Nissan Prepares to Dry Out Car Washes with a Self-Cleaning Car
NASA Is Streaming a Live Video Of Earth From Outer Space… Check It Out!
Could This Invention Solve a Major Problem with Public Bathrooms?
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