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Next-Gen US Navy Arsenal: Smart Ammo that Tracks and Destroys Evading Targets

Smart weapons, like GPS-guided munitions and cruise missiles, are growing in sophistication and importance in modern warfare. Laser-guided munitions and autonomous AI-enhanced weapons are also part of this trend. Today, major navies emphasize precision over sheer firepower Instead of massive barrages, the goal is to shoot a single, strategically placed round with minimal explosives for […]

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World’s First: Gas Turbine Powered Exclusively by 100% Renewable Hydrogen
What is Lean Manufacturing and How Does it Work?
UC Davis Breakthrough: Miniaturized Millimeter-Wave Sensor Redefines Radar Technology
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AI detects Diabetes with a 10-second Voice Test

Traditionally, finding prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes has meant expensive in-person tests, like blood work at a clinic or lab, often accompanied by extended wait times for results. These high costs and waiting periods often deter people from getting screened for these conditions. High costs and waiting times could soon become a thing of the […]

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The World’s First Strong Hybrid Motorcycle: Kawasaki Unveils Ninja 7 Hybrid
Innovative Texan Startup Targets Niche Electric Utility Truck Market
Entek Commences Construction of $1.5 Billion Battery Parts Facility in Indiana
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