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3D-Printed Electrodes to Reduce the Battery Size and Slash Manufacturing Costs

Lithium-ion batteries are one of the world’s most preferred forms of energy storage. From smartphones to electric cars, these batteries have a wide range of applications due to their durability and high performance. However, the production of these batteries is quite costly. Moreover, the reserves of lithium, a rare metal critical to build batteries are […]

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Robot Surgeon Named MIRA Can Perform Surgery in Outer Space
Europe Faces the Worst Drought in History – Even Astronauts Can See From Space
Samsung: New Galaxy Z Fold 4 Announced
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China Claims To Set The Record For The Highest Steady Magnetic Field By A Working Magnet

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in the United States created a world record in 1999 when they produced the most powerful magnet with a magnetic field of 450,000 gauss (45 tesla). Researchers at the US facility also produced a 45.5-tesla field in 2019 but that was a test magnet, not used for scientific experiments. The […]

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MIT Engineers Develop a Device That Could Prevent Buildup of Scar Tissue around Medical Implants
Tesla’s Rival Bets on The Future Of Driverless Car
Scientists Change Blood Type of Donor Kidneys…making Future Transplants Easier
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