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Ultra-Light Liquid Hydrogen Tanks to Extend Flight Range and Make Jet Fuel Obsolete

After aerodynamics and engine performance, weight is the most important factor that affects the efficiency of an aircraft. Less weight means less fuel used, which can add up to millions in savings. Now, a futuristic cryogenic tank design promises to radically boost the range of hydrogen-powered aircraft The extremely lightweight tank could help clean fuel-cell […]

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The Volvo’s Polestar 2 EV, Refreshed for Greater Sustainability
NASA Evaluating Proposals for 2025 Moon Mission Rover
This Super-Sensitive Machine Can Hear the Movement of a Single Bacterium
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Norwegians Design Sea Vessel Moved by Molten Salt Reactor

Ulstein, a Norwegian shipbuilding expert, has presented “Thor”, a concept for the world’s first molten salt reactor (MSR) ship designed for zero-emission shipping. Compared to conventional nuclear fission reactors, MSRs are far safer and can react to load changes much faster. At the same time, they can operate at higher thermal efficiencies and temperatures, so […]

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Scientists Successfully Destroyed Up To 75 Percent of Tumors Using Ultrasound
Super Enzymes That Eat Plastics in 24 Hours Could Curb Our Waste Problem
Cover Your Wall with These Flexible Paper-Thin Speakers like Wallpaper
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