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This Sniper Robot Dog Is a High Precision Killing Machine

A robot dog armed with a sniper rifle was unveiled at the Association of the United States Army’s 2021 annual conference in Washington DC recently. The robo-dog called ‘Vision 60’ has been developed by the Philadelphia-based Ghost Robotics, a start-up specializing in legged robotics. Vision 60 robo-dog carries a “special purpose unmanned rifle” (SPUR) built by […]

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Australian Soldiers are Testing These 50MPH E-bikes for Stealthy Reconnaissance
Colorado Steel Mill Becomes ‘World’s First’ To Be Run Almost Entirely On Solar
Former SpaceX Engineers Develop a Portable Plug-And-Play Nuclear Reactor
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U.S. Surgeons Successfully Transplant a Pig Kidney to a Human for First Time Ever

In a big breakthrough, doctors have successfully transplanted a kidney from a genetically engineered pig to a human patient. Doctors said the organ functioned normally and there was no immediate rejection by the recipient’s immune system.  Researchers called it “transformative moment” as this success could eventually help alleviate a dire shortage of human organs for transplant. Dr. […]

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Japan Launches Its Second Taigei-Class Diesel-Electric Submarine
The World’s First Self-Sustained Expandable Solar Floating Aquapod Launches in Dubai
In Joint Mission with NASA, Australia Plans To Send a $50 Million Lunar Rover to Moon By 2026
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