The New Versatile Nest Shelf by Nendo Will Change How You Look at Storage

By: | September 30th, 2015


I don’t know why we haven’t seen more innovation like this when it comes to shelves, but I definitely could have used the Nest Shelf by Nendo to conserve space when I was in college.

The versatile shelf, which can be quickly adjusted to different sizes, allows you to do away with your tape measure and makes life and storage much simpler.

The Nest Shelf was built with durability in mind. Not only is it extremely light but it is also very strong and more than capable of holding a lot of items.

When collapsed, the storage unit features three simple full-width shelves, and when extended, six of the same. In between there are nine shelves, which change width depending on the space it fills.

This is not a cheap shelf, by the way, as the Nest Shelf comes equipped with 3.7 mm thick carbon fiber vertical sections and horizontal divisions comprised of aramid fiber honeycomb sandwiched between carbon fiber.

It will be on display at the London Design Festival 2015.



Marshall Smith

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