The ‘New Tube For London’ Train Design Looks Like Something From Outer Space

By: | October 30th, 2014

London-based studio PriestManGoode unveiled the new train design for London’s underground transport system which the company calls the “New Tube for London”.

The unique train design looks similar to a spaceship and features air conditioning, wide double doors, and Wi-Fi, rare for deep-level trains.

Inside the train, there are large display screens for travel information and advertisements.

The builder of the train has not been chosen yet, but the contract is expected to be awarded in 2016, with the train set to begin operation some time in 2022.

The New Tube for London also utilizes one full length cabin versus the more traditional separate-car model.


New Tube for London designed by PriestmanGoode. from PriestmanGoode. on Vimeo.

Marshall Smith

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