New TriFan 600 is Revolutionary Technology for Business Travel

By: | September 18th, 2015

XTI Aircraft

XTI Aircraft (Image Courtesy

XTI Aircraft, led by former Sikorsky President and CEO Jeffrey Pino and former Cessna President and COO Charles Johnson, believes it has designed a revolutionary six-seat aircraft, named the TriFan 600, capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

The plane will compete with other business jets in terms of altitude, range, and comfort. In addition to business use, XTI believes the plane will be used widely for personal, medical, and tourist flights.

The company has just raised $4.1 million dollars via its campaign on Start Engine.

TriFan 600

TriFan 600 (Image Courtesy


Specs for the new plane include a maximum cruising speed of 400 mph (340 kts), a maximum cruise altitude of 30,000 feet above predominant weather, a range of 800 to 1,200 miles, vertical lift using three ducted fans, and propulsion using two high-performance turboshaft engines.

Also included in the design are advanced avionics, a single pilot IFR, and a carbon fiber and epoxy structure. Lightweight materials are expected to be a big factor in the quality of the plane and the experience of its pilot and passengers.

TriFan 600

TriFan 600 (Image Courtesy

TriFan 600

TriFan 600 (Image Courtesy

The following video shows XTI up close:

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