New Technology for Small & Medium Size Businesses (SMB) is Key to Survival

By: | March 22nd, 2017

SMB Technology for Survival

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Small businesses accounted for 96% of private sector organizations in the UK in 2016. There will continue to be huge multinationals, but because of technology, smaller groups of employees, if properly managed, can react more quickly and customize services to customer needs than many larger organizations.

With a huge number of small and medium-size businesses, the demand for effective, innovative, and reasonably priced IT services and other technology is high. Governments now regularly hold events for small-size government contractors to find cutting-edge and reasonably priced technology. For example, the US Navy recently added a small business to its cyber warfare team, providing it with the contract to provide a range of cyber warfare services.

There is a wide range of small and medium size business technology in the UK and around the world. From inventory control software, online marketing software, printers and scanners, and small business servers to SaaS offerings like Salesforce CRM, there are new services launched daily. SMB technology is also “infiltrating” businesses that heretofore have been considered non-technical in an IT sense: dairy farmers, for example, now use wireless technology to transform and grow their businesses.

This means that SMBs will be in a perpetual technological arms race because better and faster servers, more and better data, faster and more responsive customer service, and better and faster-evolving software will all separate the winners from the losers. GoDaddy, for example, is rolling out a hosting platform for small businesses due to the massive growth expected in the near future.

This trend is affecting business IT solutions offered by larger companies such as Verizon with its small business phone, TV, and Internet services tailored to meet a company or organization’s goals. As small businesses seek to connect and collaborate, they are also concerned about protecting their communications.

Cisco small and medium business (SMB) products and services are also tailored to the size of business and users to communicate and collaborate in secure environments.

The following video explains Hewlett Packard Enterprise for SMBs. According to HP, “composing your IT solution no longer needs to be a headache. See how to add servers, storage, networking, and services together for an advanced environment for modern business.”

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