New Spectacle: Quadcopter (UAV) Video Footage Inside Exploding Fireworks

By: | November 14th, 2014

GoPro Fireworks via Quadcopter

GoPro Fireworks via Quadcopter (Image Courtesy

We have been watching pyrotechnic shows for millenia but it is not until the last couple of years that we could view a show from such close quarters: now we can watch a show from inside.

The following video shows a $1,150 SHI Phantom 2 Quadcopter drone mounted with a GoPro 3 Silver video camera flying through a recent West Palm Beach, Florida, fireworks show and emerging unscathed.

This copter is capable of extra long flight times up to 25 minutes due to its 5,200 milli-ampere hour (mAh) battery and operators can use an advanced GPS-based navigation system to program flight patterns, times and take-off and landing location via a USB port.

DJI Quadcopter

DJI Quadcopter (Image Courtesy

These types of flights, with a certain amount of danger involved, are raising red flags about the free and open use of drones by the general public despite the incredible images being captured. It’s easy to imagine a drone being struck by fireworks and spraying debris on the crowd below.

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