New School Surfer Wagon Has a 700-Horsepower Engine & Enough Room For 2 Surfboards

By: | November 17th, 2014

Australia’s Holden Cars and RedBull Racing worked together in order to pay tribute to old school Australian surfer wagons by designing a new school vehicle of their own.

The Triple Eight Project Sandman Tribute Concept has been designed as the ultimate tribute to to the 40th anniversary of the Holden Sandman panel van, a vehicle perfect for carrying surf boards.

The concept vehicle is essentially a Holden V8 Supercar racer with a roof rack capable of holding two surfboards, making it the perfect car to take to the beach.

While it may be conceptually modeled after the 1970’s surfer wagons seen in Australia, the Sandman concept is anything but ordinary because it features a 700-horsepower engine and can hit a top speed around 200 mph.

Needless to say, you don’t see a car that fast, with that kind of engine carrying surfboards too often.

Old school surfer wagon:

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