New Plant Like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Eating Machine

By: | December 22nd, 2014

Global Thermostat Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Eating Machine

Global Thermostat Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Eating Machine (Image Courtesy

A new plant like carbon dioxide (CO2) eating machine is set to begin extracting carbon from the atmosphere in a manner similar to plants and get paid in the bargain. IndustryTap has written “Why You Should Care about the Future of Carbon Capture and Sequestration” and “How Carbon Capture Technology Is Turning CO2 Into Cash” illustrating that scientists and researchers have been working hard along these lines.

Should high concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere continue to rise and a human component is shown to be a significant factor, then removing carbon from the atmosphere may be humanity’s only alternative.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air Purifier Being Tested

Now Columbia University physicist Peter Eisenberger and colleagues have started a company, Global Thermostat, to build a device to extract carbon dioxide from air using chemicals. Global Thermostat is currently testing a pilot plant in Menlo Park, California and has raised over $100 million thus far.

Global Therostat has teamed up with Carmagen Engineering made up of former Exxon engineers to design what amounts to an industrial size air purifier like CO2 eating machine. Air flows in, CO2 is cleaned using a process called “wet scrubbing” in which CO2 binds with chemicals in a water solution as it passes through the device.

The following is an overview of Global Thermostat company and its technology.

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