New Measurements Reveal Moon Has Hazardous Radiation Levels

By: | September 28th, 2020

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Scientists are planning to colonize the Moon, but future astronauts will have to face hazardous radiation levels. The latest research by the Chinese-German team of researchers revealed this fact. According to scientists, space radiation on the moon is two to three times higher than on International Space Station (ISS).

Radiation levels are 200 times higher than those found on Earth

Scientists undertook the measurements of radiation on the moon in January 2019. The measurements were carried out by China’s Chang’e 4 robotic spacecraft mission.

The study says moon explorers would be subjected to an average daily radiation dose equivalent to 1,369 microsieverts per day. So the radiation exposure on the Moon is approximately 2.6 times higher than the ISS crew’s daily dose.

Physicist Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber, said, “The radiation levels we measured on the Moon are about 200 times higher than on the surface of the Earth and 5 to 10 times higher than on a flight from New York to Frankfurt,” 

“Because astronauts would be exposed to these radiation levels longer than passengers or pilots on transatlantic flights, this is a considerable exposure.”

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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