NASA Looks to Protect Firefighters from Wildfires With Human Burrito, Heat Shield Technology

By: | June 22nd, 2015

YouTube/NASA Langley Research Center

A new technology in development by NASA looks something like a human burrito and is designed to help keep firefighters safe during wildfires.

Specifically, the Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service is working with NASA to use the space agency’s heat shield technology.

NASA’s research into flexible, high-temperature space materials may some day improve personal fire shelter systems and help wildland firefighters better survive dangerous wildfires.

The partnership is an obvious one because who is better to work with regarding firefighter protection than NASA, which invests millions into developing heat-resistant materials to protect its spacecraft and astronauts.

I’m all for protection from fiery environments, but the technology does resemble a person wrapped in tinfoil.

Michael Cooney

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