NASA Created a Video Imagining What It Would Be Like to Approach and Land on Pluto

By: | January 26th, 2017


We can all agree that it’d be super legit to land on Pluto.

NASA decided to envision what it might look like to approach and land on Pluto by utilizing 100 images taken by the New Horizons spacecraft over the course of six weeks.

The result is a colorized masterpiece of a video, encompassing the planet’s red, brown, and copper hues.

NASA actually had to go in and interpret what the dwarf planet’s colors would look like and add them to the black and white images taken by the probe. From there, they layered lo-res color images taken by New Horizon’s Ralph instrument on top of the monochrome photos to make it as accurate as possible.

The black and white video can be seen here.

Marshall Smith

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