NASA Climate Change Multimedia & Apps Help Us Understand Perspectives, Issues, Stakes

By: | August 12th, 2015

The Earth

The Earth (Image Courtesy

NASA, despite congressional attempts to quash scientific research about the earth’s climate, has come out with a large number of multimedia presentations to help people understand what’s happening to sea ice, sea levels, carbon dioxide levels, global temperatures, and more.

First up is NASA’s Global Climate Change, Vital Signs for the Planet, also known as the Climate Time Machine presentation, which requires a one-time download of an app to run the presentation. Visit NASA for more featured interactive presentations including:

Next, Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) has released an iPhone app, “Earth Now,” to show users vital statistics about the earth in hopes of providing a foundation for understanding issues at work in climate change.

Earth Now

Earth Now (Image Courtesy

NASA has released an iPhone app, “Images of Change,” that shows the stark contrast between images of earth just a few years or decades ago versus today.

Images of Change

Images of Change (Image Courtesy

NASA has created a game called “Offset,” in which players work to slow the pace of global warming through learning about the carbon cycle, alternative energy, reforestation, and more.


Offset (Image Courtesy

Finally, NASA has produced what would seem to be an unassailable list of organizations which, when taken together, should leave no doubt about the reality of anthropogenic global warming.

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