Mind Over Matter: Using Brain Waves to Control Electronic Devices

By: | February 3rd, 2016

The recent history of human technology shows an increasing number of products and services that can be controlled remotely and automatically using computer algorithms. But what about the prospect of controlling devices using your own brain waves?

Using Human Brain Waves to Get Things Done

It may soon be possible for anyone, everyone, to control technologies using a wearable mind control device based on EEG or electroencephalogram technology. When neurons in the brain interact via chemical reactions, measurable currents called brain waves are created. The four main types of brainwave patterns are delta, theta, alpha, and beta, and these can be detected and interpreted and signals sent wirelessly to devices to control them.

Ergonomically Designed Brain Wave Detector

Startup EEGSmart has developed a new device, the Touch, that uses human brainwaves to interact with educational, gaming, medical and security and smart home systems.

Touch is a multi-channel “mind-touch wearable device” that captures signals from eight regions of the brain, including the frontal lobe, the motor cortex, the auditory cortex, the parietal lobe, the axial lobe, the visual cortex, and the temporal lobe. These brainwaves are translated into data and transmitted to a smartphone, a computer, any household device, a drone, and so on, to control it. Games using the EEGSmart Touch can now be played hands-free, adding a new dimension to gaming.

Touch comes with a free SDK and API that will allow users to play games on an ever-increasing number of devices. Touch’s hardware is light, modern, and comfortable, and uses soft polymer biosensors with eight channels to detect signals coming from the human brain.

Other uses of the Touch include creating a custom playlist of music depending on a user’s current state of mind and emotions as reflected in sensor data.

The following video shows the EEGSmart Touch in use:

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