Microsoft Has Announced Paint 3D, a Revamped and Modernized Version of Its Classic App

By: | October 29th, 2016

MicrosoftEvent Screenshot

Microsoft Paint helped me pass hours upon hours in class, especially in computer courses throughout middle school and high school.

It’s classic, and before Photoshop, what society used to draw funny images and create a whole slew of things.

Now, the app is getting completely revamped for Windows 10 in the form of Paint 3D, where users can easily take photos and turn them into 3D objects.

In addition, people can share their 3D photos with each other through a new online community which will reportedly have quite a focus on Minecraft.

Perhaps the neatest feature of the new Paint 3D is its ability to export images for 3D printing, which could prove to be huge for the 3D printing industry as a whole.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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