Mercedes-Benz World Premier Of Self Driving Future Truck 2025

By: | December 15th, 2014

The argument for automated systems is that they do better than humans in most cases.

For truck drivers, long monotonous stretches of highway lead to fatigue and sometimes accidents. Technology is now approaching the point where it can begin removing humans from the equation, at least partially, giving them other types of work to do while on the road. For some, this may sound like multi-tasking, which studies have shown is dangerous, especially when behind the wheel.

But 2025 is still a decade away and this “Future Truck” represents the current vision which can and will be upgraded over time as new systems and capabilities come online and can be integrated. The big question for most long-haul trucking companies is can this system be made available cheaply enough for those who balk at a simple air-conditioning system to comfort their drivers?

Mercedes-Benz Introduces New, Partially Automated Truck Platform

Mercedes-Benz is getting on the smart vehicle bandwagon with its introduction of “Future Truck 20205”, with an advanced “cruise control” system that allows an intelligent computer system to take over driving exclusively during tedious stretches that often occur in the lives of truck drivers.

The key technologies to accomplish this are GPS, radar and camera systems that assist vehicles in driving themselves on highways. The truck also features a novel radial LED lighting system and a sporty, sleek and aerodynamic design.

According to Mercedes-Benz, Future Truck 2025 does not completely replace a human driver who must be available to take over at any time.

Drivers of commercial vehicles who expect Automated Driverless Vehicles (ADV) to free up time for fun and sleep have a thing or two coming. New free time, when it can be arranged by the system, will be work time and employers will naturally seek to gain the most they are able to from onboard crew by having them do paperwork, talk on phones, etc.

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