Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept Harvests Solar and Wind Energy With Its Paint Job

By: | December 11th, 2014

From hydrogen powered cars to fuel cell vehicles, we have seen plenty of concept vehicles over the years.

The new Mercedes-Benz concept car not only thrives on hydrogen but by its paint job as well…

The ‘multi-voltaic’ silver paint of this awesome car turns the entire car into a massive solar panel. The SUV concept car, or Vision G-Code SUC (Sports Utility Coupé) as Mercedes-Benz calls it, captures energy from solar rays in order to power the hybrid engine.

The G-Code can also charge itself using electrostatic charge from the wind when the car is driven or when the wind blows onto the stationary car. The vehicle is also capable of recovering kinetic energy from its ‘power on the move’ suspension.

The back wheels of G-Code are powered by an electric motor while the front wheels are driven by a hydrogen combustion engine. Depending on road conditions, both can be operated together or individually.

The grille is illuminated with colored lights. The light glows blue when the car is parked, purple during normal hybrid driving and red in sport mode.

About the interior:

The steering wheel of the car is foldable and is activated via a Smartphone app and the HUD displays information. The car has anti-dirt fabrics, 3D cameras, radar, infrared scanner and GPS.  The seats of the car are equipped with 3D body scanners that monitor important physical parameters and feature a massage function along with built-in cooling and heating systems.

No to mention, the G-Code features two electric scooters stowed in the trunk for onward commuting once the car has been parked.

Watch the G-Code in action:

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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