Mark Your Calendars: Lexus Hoverboard Arrives on August 5th!

By: | August 4th, 2015

The video description reads:

When technology, design and imagination come together amazing things can be achieved. The Lexus Hoverboard represents true engineering innovation and can be seen in action soon.

I believe I’m in the majority when I take ‘soon’ as being August 5th. Apparently, Lexus is ready to show off their new hoverboard to the public, which uses¬†magnetic levitation and liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors to stay¬†afloat.

I’m not sure what to expect, but a legitimate working hoverboard definitely has the ability to break the internet. However, don’t be surprised if the new Lexus Hoverboard requires some type of special floor or circumstances in order to properly function.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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