Man Flies Plane Repaired with Duct Tape After Bear Attack! Is There Anything Duct Tape Can’t Fix?

By: | February 1st, 2014

After flying in to do some fishing, an anonymous man forgot he left a cooler with some bait in the cargo bay.  It didn’t take long for a bear to smell it.

Take a look at the damage that was done….

The bear made the sheet metal look like torn paper.

The entire left side of the plane was ripped to shreds.

The bear even destroyed the tires!

Unwilling to leave his plane and give up, the man radioed a friend and had new tires, three cases of duct tape and a supply of sheet plastic flown in.

Take a look at what he was able to do…

That solves it, duct tape can literally fix anything.


Dan Scalco

Owner of Digitalux.

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