MakerBot, 3D Printer Manufacturer Valued At $300 Million

By: | June 6th, 2013

In 2012, 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot generated $10 million in revenue and is on track to generate at least $50 million this year.

Founded 4 years ago, MakerBot has quickly become well-known in the 3D printing world. MakerBot develops and manufactures affordable desktop 3D printers with the professional designer in mind.

3D printing has turned the prototyping world upside down with comparatively inexpensive 3D desktop printers. At $2,199 you can purchase a Makerbot Replicator™ 2, enabling a design engineer, designer or inventor to print out an accurate physical 3D model of their design.

In a list of most innovative companies in 2013, MakerBot is listed alongside some companies worth billions. Being compared with companies like Apple, Samsung and Google speak volumes to the innovation MakerBot brings to the 3D printing industry. 3D printing is being lauded as a game changer for the manufacturing, design and prototyping industries, where anyone with a computer and 3D printer can produce a final product from conceptual design.

Spencer Ante reports of the Wall Street Journal mentions that potential acquirers expressed interest in the 3D printing company while it was in talks to raise a new round of financing at a $300 million valuation. He’s not sure if the company is more likely to get purchased or to go through with the funding. He also isn’t sure which companies are interested in Makerbot. But either way, something big is up.

MakerBot appears to have big plans aimed at taking hold of the 3D printing industry shift. Big plans require funding to support the industry changing growth.

Michael Cooney

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