Major Global Market Trends Unfolding in 2017

By: | April 6th, 2017

Global Market Trends

Global Market Trends (Image Courtesy

As they say, it’s a good idea to stand on the shoulders of giants. In the area of global markets and market research, the world is becoming so complex that we must look to companies that have the long-term experience, feet on the ground, and a reputation to deliver great data and insights.

One central theme in many views of 2017 is the uncertainty created by the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency. But Trump notwithstanding, a large number of trends will continue unabated regardless of what happens in the White House.

The following chart, created by PwC Global Defense Perspectives, shows recent defense budgets.

PWC Chart

PWC Chart (Image Courtesy

Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) provides a comprehensive report looking at 2017 Industry Trends that include the following.

  1. 2017 Aerospace and Defense Trends
  2. 2017 Automotive Trends
  3. 2017 Chemicals Trends
  4. 2017 Commercial Aviation Trends
  5. 2017 Commercial Transportation Trends
  6. 2017 Consumer Packaged Goods Trends
  7. 2017 Engineering and Construction Trends
  8. 2017 Industrial Manufacturing Trends
  9. 2017 Oil and Gas Trends
  10. 2017 Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Trends
  11. 2017 Power and Utilities Trends
  12. 2017 Retail Trends
  13. 2017 Technology Trends
  14. 2017 Telecommunications Trends

Here were PWC’s 2016 Industry Trends:

The following video from Euromonitor International provides a look at more 2017 trends:

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