Magical, Medieval 900-Year-Old Crypt Discovered in a Monastery

By: | December 29th, 2013

Old Dongola, located in modern-day Sudan, was the capital of a lost medieval kingdom called Makuria 900 years ago and recently had one of its monasteries excavated. The findings are nothing more than extraordinary with the 900-year-old medieval crypt containing seven mummified bodies and inscriptions covering the walls.

While scientists are not 100% sure, one of the seven bodies is thought to be Archbishop Georgios, considered the most powerful and influential religious leader of the entire kingdom. The seven bodies in the tomb are all males, none younger than 40, and the inscriptions on the walls are largely excerpts of the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as well as magical names and signs written in Greek and Sahidic Coptic.

Research efforts are ongoing and scientists are very intrigued at the potential findings with an excavation of this magnitude.

Marshall Smith

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