Low Cash Flow? This Wallet Shouts to Keep You from Spending.

By: | November 23rd, 2013

Can’t control your money? Living Wallet will slink away from you with your money in tow. Image courtesy livingwallet.cct.la

If you are an impulsive buyer, this crafty Japanese wallet can help you save money by rolling away when you reach for it. The Living Wallet looks like a regular wallet except for the small wheels on its sides. Developed by a Japanese company, the Living Wallet syncs with a Smartphone app called Zaim.

This wallet has two modes depending on your balance: Save Mode and Consumption Mode. If you have some extra cash to spend, it can switch to consumption mode. When put in this mode, it plays Beethoven’s symphony and reads out the popular products on online shopping portal Amazon Japan.

But if you are running short on cash, it will slink away from you or spin around to dodge. If you still catch it and open it, the Living Wallet starts shouting, “Help me!” or “Don’t touch me!”

If that still doesn’t put the brakes on your impulsive shopping, the wallet has one final trick up its sleeve. It can call or email a person you assign so that the person can discourage you from forking over your cash.

Watch the Living Wallet in action:

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