Look Out Amazon & Google! Alibaba Is Testing Delivery Drones in China

By: | February 7th, 2015

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It is well known that Amazon, Google, and UPS are working to develop delivery drones, capable of bringing products to your doorstep in the most efficient way possible.

Now, Chinese giant Alibaba is performing its own three-day drone delivery trial using remote-controlled quadcopters to carry items to customers who live near distribution centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

There are 450 people partaking in the trial, all of whom live within a one-hour flight of Alibaba’s distribution centers. Each participant will only receive a specific type of ginger tea in order to keep the weight of the packages at 340g (12oz).

Delivery drone testing is a natural step for Alibaba, as Jack Ma looks to globalize his company and have two billion customers by 2025.

Marshall Smith

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