List Of All Product Training And Certifications Provided By Google

By: | November 19th, 2021

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Google in its Skillshop helps the users to master Google tools that can be used at work. The training offered by Google can be availed for free. The training provided by Google stop is crafted by the experts of Google and it allows the users. The expertise learned through the training by the Google experts can further be used for earning certification which can be achieved by showcasing your expertise. Currently, Google offers eight such training and certification to the users and all of them are listed below.

1. Google Ads

This training can be used for growing any business online by learning Google Ads skills. Through this course, one can get certified in Display, Search, Apps, Shopping Ads, and Measurement. In addition to that, through the Google Ads course, one can also learn to improve the mobile experience and run smart campaigns. One might wonder if these courses will be helpful. The courses are indeed helpful and sometimes, pursuing such courses can offer more fruitful results than Sarkari Result

2. Google Marketing Platform 

The course on Google Marketing Platform can be used for fulfilling the marketing exams. The course teaches the learners the fundamentals of Display & Video, Search Ads, Creatives, Google Web Designer, Programmatic concepts, Mobiles, and Google Marketing Platform. There are six certification exams of the Google Marketing Platform, which are sometimes at par with the toughness of the Sarkari Exam

3. Analytics Academy

Through the Analytics Academy, the user can get to know more about Google’s measurement tools. This course is extremely useful for growing the business through intelligent data collection. Google Analytics Individual Qualification is required to earn its certification. The exam covers both the basic and advanced analytics of Google. 

4. Google My Business

By completing this course, the learner will know how to get their business profile on Google. With the skills gained through the course, one can list their business online which will help the customers to search the business online. One can earn an achievement badge through this course by taking the lessons and then finally, passing the assessment. 

5. Google Ad Manager 

When the learner is done with the Google Ad Manager, they will learn how to exactly set an ad manager network and then, further create inventory, creatives, and ad campaigns, all in the Ad Manager. Later, one will also be able to analyze traffic, forecast, and report on it. Further, the user will learn to manage inventory and ads using protection and rules with the Google Ad Manager in addition to managing the quality control on the Ad Manager network. 

6. Google AdMob

With Google AdMob, it is possible to master the creation and management of the inventory. This skill is extremely useful to earn revenue through the inventory and further, it can be used to control the quality of the advertisement. If you have built an app, Google AdMob can be used for monetizing the apps. Further, one will be taught about the right ad formats of the app. The user can further keep reporting the progress of the project which in turn, will help the users to control the advertisement type strictly. The total duration of the course is 2.5 hours. 

7. Authorized Buyers

In this 55 minutes course, one would learn about setting up an account of Authorized Buyers and will familiarize themselves with its program policies. Further, it can be used for knowing how to understand the requirements of any client campaign with the help of ad format and deal type. In addition to that, the Authorized Buyers course will teach them to evaluate creatives, resubmit creatives that require reapproval, and further, implement the right deal types. 

8. Waze

In this short course of 1.3 hours, the advertising solution of Waze is taught. When learned properly, the course can help the learner to extract the maximum potential of their campaigns. The content of the Waze Ads Fundamental lessons include an introduction, powering the map, reason to choose Waze ads, formats, audience, best practices which are completed with conclusion and resources. For earning certification on Waze Ads, the students will have to undergo Waze Ads Fundamentals Assessment that lasts for 35 minutes. 

Based on the interest, the learner can choose a course of their choice, go through the lessons and pass the assessment test to get the certification, which would be a great help in growing the professional career.


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