The Lexus Hoverboard: It’s Here, It’s Real, and Here Is Proof That It Works!

By: | August 5th, 2015

This is how the new Lexus Hoverboard is explained by the company in the YouTube description:

The Lexus Hoverboard represents true innovation and imagination, together pushing the boundaries of technology even further.

It definitely represents innovation because I’ve seen a lot of hoverboard prototypes and claims regarding working hoverboards but never actually seen someone ride one.

That is, until now…

Regardless of whether this idea is sustainable, it is pretty incredible to watch a human being glide around on a hoverboard.

Can you imagine a society where a whole city is riding these things to work? It would pretty incredible, but not out of the realm of possibly thanks to companies like Lexus pushing the boundaries of technology further as they say.

Want more information on how the Lexus Hoverboard uses superconductors, magnets, and liquid nitrogen to work? Check out the story behind the hoverboard below:

Marshall Smith

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