Lenovo’s New Smart Cast is the World’s First Laser Projection Smartphone… Take a Look!

By: | June 1st, 2015

Lenovo has announced the world’s first laser projection smartphone, well at least according to them, and it looks pretty dang sweet!

The phone, called the Smart Cast, can literally transform any surface into a touchscreen, mirroring the images of the phone onto a kitchen table, desk, bar, you name it.

Credit to PocketLint for first reporting the news from the Lenovo Tech World conference, where it was announced the phone comes equipped with a built-in laser pico projector and a “gesture-based control system.”

Of course, the phone features a small kickstand so you can easily project movies onto walls, a keyboard onto a desk for simpler typing, and even a piano keyboard for possibly recording music.

For the time being, we’ll just have to enjoy the idea of the world’s first laser projection smartphone, as there are no details on the cost of the Smart Cast or when it will be rolled out to the public.

Michael Cooney

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