The LeEco Super Bike With an Android Touchscreen is Coming to the United States

By: | October 23rd, 2016


LeEco has dubbed its new bicycle the “world’s first super bike” and whether that’s true or not doesn’t matter because it’s interesting nonetheless.

Generally known for its electronics such as smartphones and televisions, LeEco just announced its US business aimed at competing in the United States marker. Obviously, LeEco believes the super bike will help its chances.

The super bike, which is essentially an Android-powered smart bike, has a number of neat features including:

  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Onboard lighting
  • 30 speed shift
  • Built-in alarm
  • Location tracker
  • Android-powered 4-inch touchscreen
  • GPS voice navigation
  • Music player
  • Bike security tracker
  • Bike-to-bike voice communication

At the moment, it is unknown when the bike will go on sale and for what price, but LeEco has confirmed that it will definitely be hitting streets in the US sooner rather than later.

Michael Cooney

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