Learning to Build Open Source Robot Arms

By: | October 3rd, 2016

If you’re interested in open source robot arms, a good place to take a quick look is the Robotshop which sells robotic parts and software and has an active robotics community that teaches amateurs how to make robots. Robotshop provides Arduino tutorials and sells robot kits including humanoid and bi-ped robots, hexapod robots, quadruped robots, wheeled and tracked robots, electronics for experimentation, as well as UAV and drone equipment.

Amazon also provides robotic arms such as the Star Wars Science Darth Vader Robotic Arm, robotic hands, OWI robots, vector robotics arms, and more.

For more complex and professional use, CrustCrawler provides a series of robotic arms and parts including the AX Series Smart Robotic Arms and the Pro-Series Smart Robotic Arms. CrustCrawler also manufactures grippers, turntables, servos, actuators walking robots, and controllers, to name a few.

The following video shows the “Top 3 Amazon Robot Arms of 2016.”

The following is a compendium of key concepts and terms related to energy wholesalers that have been covered on IndustryTap or will be covered in the future:

  • Open Source Robotics Software
  • Open Source Robotics Foundation
  • Open Source Robotics Platform
  • Learning Robotics Open Source
  • Used Robotic Arm
  • Small Robotic Arm
  • Robotic Arm for Humans
  • Build a Robotic Arm
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