Killing The Corona Virus by Sacrificing Your Eyes?

By: | July 7th, 2021

Image by Adrian Malec from Pixabay

New hope has come to light in the fight against the deadly COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. This has come in the form of possibly using ultra-violet (UV) rays to combat the effects thereof.

This revelation has caused much confusion among the public about when and how UV can be used to disinfect and kill the virus, especially in the case of sanitizing surfaces. However, surfaces aren’t the primary culprit responsible when it comes to spreading the virus.

The Risks of Using Ultra-violet Rays

Exposure to UV holds severely adverse impacts on the health of human organs. In 2020, it was reported that people that have been exposed to ultra-violet rays had developed UV-photokeratitis.

UV-photokeratitis is an eye condition that is caused by too much exposure to UV light. According to a leading ophthalmologist at the University of Miami in the United States of America, ultra-violet light is toxic to the microbes of the virus but also severely harmful to the cornea of the eye.

The Final Verdict

Even though it might be effective in reducing the onslaught of the pandemic, it is dangerous to your eye. Since the 19th century, UV technology has been successfully deployed in killing an array of viruses and germs.

The human eye comprises a crystalline lens and retina, among other components. The cornea of the eye is able to deflect 99% of the rays emitted by ultra-violet rays. This so-called protective barrier or wall is referred to as the corneal epithelium.

When the corneal epithelium is compromised or lost, it opens up the possibility of the eye contracting keratitis. Patients that have been over-exposed to UV have been experiencing symptoms such as aches, pains, and inflammation in their eyes.

On average, patients will experience these symptoms between two and three days. However, the damage to the eye is, unfortunately, lasting in nature.

The Solution

While all of the above-mentioned reports were recorded in 2020, 2021 has not yielded similar results. It would appear that individuals that make use of ultra-violet lamps have become more mindful of using these devices in their homes and offices.


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